Aircraft Spare Parts & Components Trading

Aircraft spare parts and components trading services typically include sourcing, purchasing, and supplying spare parts and components for a variety of aircraft types. These services may also include providing repair and overhaul services for certain parts, as well as inventory management and logistics support.

Aircraft Spare Parts & Components

Structural components are a critical part of an aircraft’s design and construction. These components include items such as wing components, fuselage sections, and tail sections. The structural components are responsible for ensuring the integrity and strength of the aircraft, and play a vital role in maintaining the safety of the passengers and crew.

The hydraulic systems on an aircraft play a critical role in the operation and safety of the aircraft. The systems powered by hydraulic systems include landing gear, flight controls, and brakes, which are all essential for the safe operation of the aircraft. Landing gear systems, for example, use hydraulic actuators to raise and lower the gear, while flight controls use hydraulic actuators to control the movement of the ailerons, elevators, and rudder.

Pneumatic systems on an aircraft use compressed air to power various systems and equipment, such as cabin pressurization, environmental control systems, and engine starting systems. The compressed air is generated by pneumatic compressors and then distributed to the various systems and equipment through a network of hoses and valves. Actuators are also used to control the movement of certain parts within the systems.

ARIS also specializes in the trading of fuel systems and components for aircraft. Our inventory includes a wide range of fuel system parts such as fuel tanks, pumps, valves, and filters. We source these parts from reputable manufacturers and all of them are designed to meet or exceed industry standards for quality and performance.

Team of aircraft engineers repairing and maintaining jet airplane.



Sourcing and purchasing of new, used, and overhauled spare parts and components


Providing repair and overhaul services for certain parts


Inventory management and logistics support to ensure timely delivery of parts


Offering a wide range of services, from sourcing hard-to-find parts to providing full supply chain management solutions


Providing 24/7 AOG (Aircraft on Ground) support for urgent repairs and maintenance.


Offering traceability and authenticity of the part.


Supporting customers with technical support, Engineering and Quality services, and Warranty management.

Overall, the goal of aircraft spare parts and components trading services is to provide customers with a reliable and cost-effective way to obtain the parts and components they need to keep their aircraft in safe and efficient operation.